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"Blue Hour" is a song by TOMORROW X TOGETHER. It was released on October 26, 2020. It serves as the title track and appears as the second track from their third mini album Minisode1: Blue Hour.


'Blue Hour' is a dance song of the disco genre where you can feel sweet yet lively energy. A catchy synth sound, a danceable track created by rhythmic guitar and bass, a bright and exciting melody, and five members' boyish vocals were added to complete TXT's unique disco. Looking at the sky at 5:53, it contains the complex emotions of the boys who experience a familiar yet unfamiliar world and feel fear and beauty at the same time. Here, 5:53 is sunset time in October when this album is released, and the time when the sky is the most beautiful. However, at the same time, it is also a 'time between dogs and wolves' where it is difficult to distinguish the existence in front of you as the shadows quickly thicken. As the sun sets and the shadows cast, they feel lonely in a situation where they do not know if the friend in front of them is really their friend, but even at this moment, the boys only hope that they are of the same mind.




Awards and nominations[]

Music program award[]

Song Program Date
"Blue Hour" The Show November 3, 2020



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