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"Ghosting" is a song by TOMORROW X TOGETHER. It was released on October 26, 2020 and appears as the first track from their third mini album Minisode1: Blue Hour.


'Ghosting' is a song of the Nu Gaze genre that adds 80s sensibility to indie rock, and was produced by EL CAPITXN (El Capitan). The sophisticated vocals of the five members and the sound of instruments with a vintage feel harmonize to mark the unique beginning of this album. 'Ghosting' is a new word meaning the behavior of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone and disappearing. Subin and Taehyun participated in writing the lyrics to express the confused feeling of a boy whose communication was cut off. It is a song that conveys the desire for 'you' to return in the midst of frequent emotional changes due to the sudden loss of contact with the person who was exchanging conversations. The easy-to-listen melody, trendy yet retro synthesizer, refreshing electric guitar and chorus line enhance the perfection of the song.


English translation credits: translatingTXT/Jimin Lee via Twitter